Make Me Broken

Do you remember being a little kid and breaking something? Your first thought was “o no!” I better glue this together before mom sees! The thing is, no matter how well or how much glue you used, you could still see the cracks and could tell that it was at one time broken.

I haven’t written in a long time, mostly because I needed some time to find myself again. When something major happens in your life, I feel that it changes you forever, and you’ll never be the same as you were the day before it happened.

After my dad passed, I began hearing the Sidewalk Prophets song “Keep Making Me” on the radio. Every time I heard it, I could relate so well. In the song the person is actually asking God to make him broken because he is so calloused that he can’t feel. Sometimes, I think especially being around the church so much, we put so much time and effort into others faith walks, that we take our own for granted.

When everything happened to my dad, it broke me. I wasn’t asking God to do it, but I needed to be broken to grow closer to him. When we hit the bottom, sometimes we really realize how much we need Him. I would have never thought in a million years that I would be thankful for being made broken.

When we were little we would try and glue broken things back together, but we could always still see the brokenness. In real life all of us have moments where we break to pieces, and our choice of glue is either depending on ourselves or on God’s love. The great thing is that if we lean on God, trust him, his glue transforms our brokenness into something new.. A vase into a flower. A flower into a bouquet. This doesn’t mean we forget the brokenness, it means we use it to become better.

If you are a vase just centimeters from falling down and breaking, I pray for God to give you understanding and peace. If you are broken and trying to heal on your own, I pray for God’s “glue” to put you back together. If you are transforming into something new through God’s healing I pray that you always remember how much his love helped you, I know I always will.