Christmas in November

I’ve always been the “let each Holiday have their own time” type of girl. Christmas never was thought about until the day after Thanksgiving. This year is different. This year the Christmas bug has hit me and it has hit hard.

I have been trying to reflect on why this is so. Why am I so eager to hear the Christmas songs, decorate the tree, light the house up like a Griswold, bake a million cookies etc. The answer has finally dawned on me.

The past month was a tough one. Losing a parent takes a toll on your heart and mind. But Christmas, Christmas brings the love of Jesus, hope, joy, and peace. All things that heal a heart when it’s been hurt.

Now I have a better idea of why Christmas songs come on earlier every year, why Christmas trees go up before the Turkey dinner, and why some people are in anticipation of Christmas as soon as it ends.

Next year I may not be ready for Christmas as soon as I am this year, but I’m going to try not to complain when I hear the songs, see the early lights etc.. Because I know to someone it’s God’s way of bringing some much needed joy, and appreciation for his wonderful gift of Jesus.

So if you see me singing the carols and dancing in the car, having my husband help me haul our extra large tree into the living room, or smell cookies baking from a mile a way, know that Jesus’s special season is helping this girls heart out.

May the Christmas hope and joy find you exactly when your heart needs it, no matter what month it is.


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