Imagine this, you are alone in a dark room and even though it’s completely dark you are blindfolded just to be sure that you can’t see. Your mission is to find the door to get out, but what you didn’t know is that the room was very messy, there are lots of things you could trip over. A voice promises you that you will make it to the door, no matter how many times you trip,  as long as you listen and follow the directions he gives you.

You may be wondering at this point where I am going with this. This month our sermon theme at church is listening. And I would bet for all of us this is a difficult thing to do.

One evening as I was walking Charlie, I was trying to imagine what a life spent listening to God would look like if you could make a picture of it. That’s where the dark room scenario came into my head. We live life blind. Although we can see, we are so blind to what will happen in the future, and we cannot see the way God is working in our lives all the time. Our lives are like a messy room. We trip, fall, and sometimes don’t know the way out. If we take the time to listen to God we will be able to get out of those messy times with his guidance. When we decide to handle these messes on our own, the messes grow quickly and it becomes harder to get through. Finally, each one of us lives our lives searching for our door. For us that door is to spend eternity with God in heaven. The best news is, is that he promises us we will get there with faith and a real relationship with him.

If you feel like you have tripped on one of lives messes I pray that you ask God to help you through. Listen to what he has to say, ask him into your heart,  and pray for strength.  He will lead you to the path to be with Him forever.



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