Chocolate Pudding

A few weeks ago I was determined to make chocolate pudding out of a box. Like following any recipe, I got all of the ingredients out that I needed and measured them; milk and the pudding. Now it’s important to know that at our house we only have soy milk ( due to the good old lactose intolerance). Just when I was about to put all of the ingredients in a bowl I noticed something on the box that said this “NOTE THIS PUDDING WILL NOT SET WITH SOY MILK” Dang.

Have you ever had a dream but were told you weren’t the right fit? Have you ever felt like you are an ingredient that won’t work in a particular recipe? Have you ever not felt welcome because you just don’t fit that crowd? Have you ever wanted a relationship with Jesus but felt like you weren’t the right type of person?

I hope if you ever have felt this way that you try anyway. Never let something or someone determine whether or not you follow your dreams. If you don’t fit the mold, break it. How will you know if you never try?

Mix the ingredients anyways, even if you see a blaring note that says it wont work. Oh and by the way, the pudding set just fine.


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