What is the destination?

On September 4th, 2003 we began the journey of a lifetime. A journey that took us through high school, college, and led us to a destination that occurred June 29th, 2012. On this day, we reached our destination saying I do, and vowing that for better or for worse we would stick together.

This month our church’s sermon series has been a road trip with Jesus. We have reflected on Jesus being the journey not the destination, and that someday we will get to the ultimate destination following and letting Jesus determine our path. With our first wedding anniversary quickly approaching, I couldn’t help but reflect on how a roadtrip, a journey and a destination fits into marriage.

About a week ago before falling asleep, I kept thinking about what the destination of marriage is. If you think about it, dating is quite the road trip and journey, and for most people their destination is finding the right person to spend the rest of their life with. When you find the right person, the day comes when you say I do, but what comes next? Marriage is definitely a road trip,a gift and journey every day. It’s full of ups, downs, good times, hard times, funny times, sad times, and new times. Each day is a new part of the journey, but what is the destination?

I am not sure if there is a sure answer to this. I think for every couple it’s their very own. I’d like to think of our marriage as a journey of a lifetime growing closer to each other, and most importantly growing in our relationship with God and serving him together. I hope one day when we enter our <eternal destination and God asks us “What did you do with the gift of marriage I gave you” we can look at each other, give a high five, and say “we did it babe.”

I am thankful as I write this that I am married to my very best friend. I pray that we always remember the promises we made to each other a year ago, and if we ever find ourselves not being able to, that we ask Himfor help. I pray that you who read this are enjoying the journey of marriage with your spouse, and if you’re not, I pray deeply that God can carry your marriage back to his path, to reach the ultimate destination together.

What is the destination of your marriage?



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