If you’ve ever been the navigator of a road trip, I am sure you’d agree that it is one of the most stressful and trying of times. You know that a wonderful destination is ahead, but to get there you must carefully read a map, rely on directions by memory, or follow the direction of a GPS. As the navigator, the ease and quality of the trip is often times dependent upon how smoothly the directions, or navigating go. When using a GPS we sometimes ignore the “dings” of which route or turn to take because we know that its’ way may really not be the best or most efficient. Unfortunately, there are always times on trips that we feel that we are lost, or may have taken the wrong turn.  No matter what, or how far we gave gotten off the path,  when the final destination is reached, the stress of getting there fades, and full enjoyment of the new destination occurs.

In our lives we have a Great Navigator, his name is Jesus Christ, and our final destination is with Him in Heaven. Just like trying to follow directions, we often times decide to take our own paths, or ignore which route he wants us to take. People in our lives may tell us there’s a better way to go, or we may have our own idea of the best way. Sometimes we get so lost that it is hard to find our way back.

I can think about times in my life that I have felt lost and far away from God, and have followed only the path that I thought I should take. My heart has been closed before to hearing and fully loving Him. The great thing is that within all of us we have an internal GPS, a God Positioning System, and as long as a seed has been planted in our hearts and deep down somewhere we believe in Him, when we ask for His help He’ll guide us right back to His path.

I pray that when God’s GPS sends us a “ding” or gives us a direction that we listen and take it. I pray that if you feel lost that you know that you are loved, and just by talking to Jesus and asking him and accepting him as your Savior, that you’ll know that he’ll help navigate you to a place more incredible than we can imagine or ever plan for ourselves.

Where is the Great Navigator guiding you?                                                


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