It’s Always Raining Harder On The Highway


It’s always harder on the highway.

Have you ever noticed this? While driving quickly down the highway during a rain storm your car gets pounded by heavy rain drops, your vision is diminished, you flinch every time a truck drives by, your wipers are working full speed, and sometimes it can even be scary! The funny thing is, as soon as you pull off onto an exit it seems as though the rain slows and you can see clearly again, even though the speed and intensity of the rain never changed.

Life is a lot like this scenario. When problems or stress occur in our lives we try and run far and quickly away, and even feel like the problems we face are being pounded on us like continuous rain drops. Yet when we take the time to slow down, think about what’s going on, reflect upon what’s really happening, seek advice, and pray, we can sometimes become more clear.

I have seen and heard of a lot of heartbreak lately. Members of my family, members of my school, members of my community are all facing this. I pray for peace for these people who carry much on their hearts.

Often times we hear the phrase “Everything happens for a reason.” Even though I believe this fully, in the rough and rainy moments, it is tough to understand.

Recently, I heard a song with a line that said “Even heartbreaks go through Him first.” This gives me much peace knowing that God’s plan, even if totally different than the plan I had for myself, is always the reason to “Everything happens for a reason.”

If your life currently feels like a highway during a storm, take the time to pull off on God’s exit, and I bet you will be amazed for what he has in store for you.


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